Medinova diagnostic was established in the year 2015 April as a pioneering concept in Diagnostics. For the first time in the odisha it offered all the diagnostic services from an ordinary blood test to a sophisticated CT Scan under one roof. With its qualitative services and with innovative marketing efforts, Medinova has created a brand name for itself and is the pioneer in Medical Diagnostics in odisha. Medinova gives emphasis on providing quality services and is equipped with the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment procured from World renowned suppliers like GE, Marquette, Siemens, Hitachi etc. The quality of the tests done by Centres of Medinova meet international standards.Medinova has upgraded its equipment to make best use of latest technology.


This blood test involves taking approximately 4 mls of blood from a vein or artery. As the name suggests this test ‘counts’ the number of each of the different blood cells in the blood.
Haemoglobin or ‘Hb’ is an indication of those parts of the blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body. A low Hb is called anaemia. A blood transfusion may be required if the Hb is considered to be too low. The white cell count (WCC) is an indication of infection or inflammation in the body. Platelets form an integral part of the clotting mechanism of the blood.
A FBC is usually done on admission and then daily. If blood transfusions are required or there is a concern regarding bleeding the FBC will be done more frequently. QUICKLY CONTACT